Friday, October 24, 2008

I visited the Teachers’ Day Celebration 2008 Exhibition that took place at the International Conventions Center, Berakas on 22nd October 2008, Wednesday, from 1.30pm to 4.oopm.


There was a heavy rain by the time I arrived at the ICC’s parking area.

Rain droplets on my Suzuki Swift windshield


Ministry of Education implements a new service scheme for the teachers under the Ministry of Education with effect from 1 June 2008.

With the implemention, teachers under the Ministry of Education are categorised into 7 grades i.e (from the lowest to the highest): Grade II Teacher (PG1), Grade I Teacher(PG2) , Education Officer (Malay: Now, Pegawai Pendidikan. Previously, Pegawai Pelajaran. PG3), Special Grade Education Officer (PG4), Senior Education Officer (PG5), Senior Education Officer (PG6), Specialist Education Officer (PG7).

With the new service scheme, teachers under the Ministry of Education will be able to have a promotion based on their duration of service, performance, level of education, efforts, area of specialisation, and contributions i.e meritocracy (more) and seniority (less).

A career flow of teachers’ service under the Ministry of Education

Teachers’ Service Scheme: Grade II Teacher, PG1.

Teachers’ Service Scheme: Grade I Teacher, PG2.
Teachers’ Service Scheme: Education Officer a.ka. Pegawai Pendidikan, PG3.

When I am driving to my workplace from Berakas to Muara by using the Muara-Tutong coastal highway, I must have a glimpse at a nearly finished new secondary school i.e Sekolah Menengah Meragang (MOE is likely to change its name later).

I like the design (including the color) of the school, which are done by Arkitek SAA. The school is in my wishlist in the category of “building that I should photograph”. And I hope I can photograph the whole school while it is still ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’, and preferably at the various time of the day in order to have a different atmosphere and lighting conditions.

Perspective view

Aerial perspective, east view

South view
West view

North view

The design:Natural daylighting and natural ventilation


MOE also build a sport school at Pulaie, very near to ICC, National Sports Complex, and it is just 2-3 minutes drive from my home.

Sport School Phase 1: Admistration and classroom block

p/s:Photography and architecture do mix together and I like both of them. In terms of architecture, I like take a look at buildings when I go oversea. Petronas Towers, Telekom Tower, Maxis Tower, and Suntec City are among my favourite that I have seen in front of my own eye.

I also have the intention to design my own new home (i.e work together with the prospective architect) that will be build sometimes in the future (but I hope it is soon than that).

I prefer modern and minimalist design. The design should consider the beauty and its integrity, functionality, comfort, ergonomic, spaciousness, ecosystem, maximise the use of every inch of the land and the house itself, energy-saving, well-ventilated, and the privacy. The design also considers the social interaction within the perimeter of the land and in the house itself.

In terms of photography, I wish to have a full-frame DSLR such as the latest Canon EOS 5D Mark II and some very good lenses, wide, normal and telephoto with some useful filters. But, at present and some time in the near future, I have to use my Canon EOS 350 DSLR to take photos of buildings.

Another building in my wishlist is Brunei’s new Dewan Majlis (a.k.a perliament) building. I need to find some right times to take its photos.

And I must know how to use the Adobe Photoshop and have its skills. I’m still not good at picture editing. So, I need to learn it with somebody, especially in terms of ‘seeing’ a picture.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 22nd October 2008)