Monday, October 27, 2008

I have been looking for a shower gel or cream that can make me feel refreshed or recharged. I have my eyes on Adidas shower gel since a few weeks ago. Yesterday (26 October 2008), I bought an Adidas shower gel at Guardian Pharmacy, Giants Hypermarket Tasik Rimba.

I bought an Active Recharge variant of Adidas shower gel because I think it is the product that I have been looking for. I did try it yesterday and today. I guess the shower gel do make me feel refreshed.

The shower gel cost BND7.11, after 10% discount (Usual price is BND7.90).

As usual, I take photos any new and interesting products that I bought. And the followings are Adidas Active Recharge shower gel and I hope the photos speak for themselves.

Photo 1

Photo 2 Photo 3

Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6
Photo 7Photo 8 Photo 9 Photo 10 Photo 11
Photo 12

p/s: I only use Adidas Active Recharge shower gel for the evening shower i.e after doing some “physical activities” to "revitalising body and mind" (This is what the label says).

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 26 October 2008)