Sunday, October 05, 2008

Every year my wife families from her mother’s side held an Aidilfitri gathering at her grandfather’s house at Rimba. However, this year the gathering is held at our house here in Anggerek Desa. The ‘must-have’ dish is soto (soup noodle), not missing from the menu list from year to year.

This year, the soup is cooked by my wife’s grandfather while the other ingredients are prepared by our housemaid (amah) under the supervision of my mother-in-law. The soto is only available on the first day of Syawal at the family gathering (and a few other occassions).

The soto taste so good that I take it a number of times: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The others in the families (some) also take a number of times, usually the bowls are full.


This is my breakfast after I come back from the mosque
Bean sprout a.k.a tauge
Yellow noodle
Fried onion
Lime a.ka. limau kasturi
Spring onion
?- I need to ask somebody what this is. There is some food that I only know to eat, but do not know their names.
Chilli and soy sauce

Nasi himpit or 'express ketupat'

Fish fillets

Fried satay in the peanut sauce Crabstick spring rolls
Hot drink option: CNI Kopi Tongkat Ali plus Ginseng and RADIX coffee.
A kind of roll cake

EXTRA:Kek Tapak Kuda (Horse Shoes Cake)

I ate and took photo of this cake when I visited my wife’s cousin at Rimba. Its taste is better than the usual one. This one have bits of peanuts in the Nutella chocolate which give the crunchiness in its texture.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 2nd October 2008)