Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today (14th October 2008) evening, I went to The Mall Gadong to get my subscribed magazine, Monocle October 2008, from the Best Eastern. In addition, I was attracted to Top Gear (Singapore Edition) October 2008.

Actually, there are three editions of Top Gear magazine that are available in Brunei: UK, Singapore, and Malaysia. I prefer to choose the Singapore Edition because it is a lot cheaper than the UK Edition i.e it costs BND7.50 only. And at that price, it is a little cheaper than the Malaysian Edition.

Eventough I like car photography and the cars themselves, I only buy car magazines a few times in a year. The reason I bought this Top Gear (Singapore Edition), October 2008 issue, is that there are two articles on the Mini i.e one article is on Mini Cooper and the other one is on Mini Cooper JCW. I like Mini cars very much that I am following (some of) their development since a few months ago.

Beside the Mini, I also follow the development of a few others cars i.e Suzuki Swift Sport, BMW 1 Series, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Mazda 3, and Hummer. The cheapest is the Suzuki Swift Sport and the most expensive is Hummer.

But, that does not necessarily mean I am going to buy any one of the cars. It is just for the sake of my interest in their design and their particular uniqueness, and I just like the cars themselves.

But, if there a lot of money “falls from the sky”, I may opt to get either BMW 1 Series OR Volkswagen Golf GTI OR Mini Cooper S/JCW….I am still cannot decide which one.

For sure, you cannot have them all. To me, having more than one car is just like a husband is having more than one wifes (though I may reconsider this statement later).

Lastly, in addition to Top Gear and Monocle magazine, I also get a few free copies (for me and for my workplace) of Brunei Insider’s Guide (BIG) magazine, October to December 2008 issue, that is available at the Cheezbox Cafe and Restaurant.

Monocle October 2008

An Anime insert magazine in Monocle, KitaKoga

The Monocle's Accessories Directory 2008

The Monocle and its inserts

The Monocle and its inserts: Top view

Top Gear (Singapore Edition) October 2008

One of the articles about the Mini Cooper

An article on Mini Cooper JCW

A closer look at the Mini Cooper JCW's photo in the magazine

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 14th October 2008)