Saturday, January 31, 2009

31th January 2009, Saturday – Yesterday morning I went to Boustead Beribi showroom to attend their Chinese New Year 2009 Open House. The public were given light refreshments and a presentation of lion dance.

The invitation. I also received a SMS from one of the salesmen. One of the car brand distributed by Boustead is Nissan.

One more car brand that is distributed by Boustead is Suzuki.
A car that is used by CHMS Lion Dance Troupe.
A crew is assembling the “stage”.
The stage is ready.
Mandarin oranges and a red envelope are put in front of a Suzuki Swift car.
The “lion” is eating the oranges and takes the red envelope.
A “white lion” is eating the Mandarin orange and drinking the Coca-Cola carbonated drink.
Still drinking or eating.
The yellow “lion” is going to eat the fruits.
Try to get the red envelope and the vegetable that is hung on the ceiling.
The fire crackers 1.
The fire crackers 2.
The fire crackers 3.
The fire crackers 4.
Lion dance presentation outside the showroom. A reflection of the “lion”.
A “lion”. I think I should take a photo when the lion is facing to my side.
The drummer (foreground) and the photographers (middle ground).

My black Suzuki Swift.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid bin Haji Tahir. Taken on 30th January 2009)