Saturday, January 24, 2009

23rd January 2009, Friday –From about 11.00 pm on the 20th January 2009, Tuesday, my house and the others in some parts of Brunei-Muara district and Tutong district were not able to receive the electricity supply. According to the press and RTB reports, the power outage was due to the floodwater damaged the Power Station Gadong 1.

The electricity supply was returned at about 12.45pm yesterday at my workplace in Muara and at my home in Anggerek Desa. But, it was only short lived. It was intermittenly on-off a few times. The longest was about an hour. The supply was back to normal at about a few hours to go to make 48 hours record.

The flood that happened last two days was the worst flood ever as long as I can remember. According to the press, it has caused two deaths, a lot of landslides that make people homeless, and damaged a lot of cars.Another worst flood happened in Temburong last year. That was the most recent one.

The one that happened last three nights should be the worst that really affect my life, as the blackout was the longest ever i.e near to 48 hours in my area and more than 48 hours at other areas such as Gadong.

This morning, I went to The Mall Gadong and its vicinity to have a look at the latest development. Before 10.00am, the traffic lights at the T-junction near Guan Electrical Mall were still not on. There were a few policemen directing the traffics there.

There were still no electricity at The Mall Gadong, The Centerpoint, and all shops at their area.I saw a fews were using power generator in order to carry aout their businesses.

At about 10.30am, the traffic lights at the T-junction near the Guan Electrical Mall were back to normal.


According to one of the cashier who works at one of the affected building (famously known as Kadai Kominis), the water level was at her waist. They had to clean up the goods since Wednesday. Today was business as usual. And, the following photo shows the floodwater level taken in front of their shop.
The river in front of the building (facing the Nursing College hostels).
The river in front of the building (facing the Pasar Gadong).
The Mall Gadong: One of the building that received no electricity supply.
A view of the river from the vicinity of Hua Ho Gadong.
A view of the river from the vicinity of Hua Ho Gadong. Behind the trees are the Gadong Power Station.

p/s 1: Lets us pray for our safety and well-being.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid bin Haji Tahir. Taken on 23rd January 2009)