Sunday, January 11, 2009

11th January 2009, Sunday – I bought my new 3G (not 3.5G) mobile phone at B-Mobile’s booth during the Consumer Fair Part 3 on 8th January 2009, Thursday. The phone was sold in a package that costed BND69.00. (Read related article here)

The package consists of a B-Mobile Eve phone handset, a Prepaid Starter Pack (which include BND5 one time connection fee, BND25 Annual License Fee that goes to the government, and BND5 Top-up card), and BND5.00 World Calling Card (a calling card to Indonesia). So, the phone handset costs only BND34.00.

According to the staff at the booth, my set is the last one. Luckily, I booked the set at that afternoon before to give me time to think. After Maghrib prayer, I went to the fair once again to get my set.

The packaging.
Another photo of the packaging.
USB cable.
PC Tools and driver CD-ROM.
The charger with mini-USB connector.
User manual.
The keypad.
Front camera.
1.3MP rear camera.
Mini USB connector.
Earpiece connector.
The handset.

p/s 1: Now, my ‘communication infrastructure’ problem has been solved. But, I still need to go to (free) wi-fi equipped restaurant for megabytes intensive internet surfing and downloading/uploading as they required fast internet and cost-saving internet connection (I only have to pay for the food and drink). Heavy internet usage using the Prepaid is expensive and not cost saving when compare to BND30 2GB and BND60 Unlimited PostPaid plan

p/s 2: I put on HOLD buying HTC Touch HD due to other financial commitments.

p/s 3: Waiting for WiMAX services to be launched and hope it will cheap and fast.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 11th January 2009)