Tuesday, June 24, 2008

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Tahir. Taken on 21st June 2008)

The above photos show some of the camps for my brother-in-law wedding ceremony wreak havoc by the strong wind. The photos were taken from my house because at the time these photos were taken it was still raining.

The strong winds started about 4.30pm on 21st June 2008. Luckily, there were somebody at home. We managed to hold the camps and do something to the camps located in front of our house (not shown in the photos) from causing damage to our house and my car nearby.

I had to unfasten the knots of the canvas so that the whole camp did not move towards the house. Then my father-in-law, my brother- in-law and one of my neighbour came to bring down the camps.

However, we were not able to do something to the camps shown in the photos. Luckily, the wind was not strong enough to make the camps flying and reached the house or cars nearby.

According to Borneo Bulletin report on 21st June 2008 “Brunei May See More Rain” by Azaraimy HH, “Brunei Darussalam could experience more rain than usual over the next few days because of the “tail effect” of the tropical storm ‘Fengshen’ that was expected to make landfall in eastern Philipines, according to officials from the Meteorological Unit, Civil Aviation Department.”

Language: ‘tampias’ is a Brunei Malay word which means (in the above context) “similar things that do happen but still far too little compare to the real things”