Saturday, June 07, 2008

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 7 June 2008).

From 6 June 2008 (yesterday) until 8 June 2008 (tomorrow), Boustead Sendirian Berhad is showing a new Suzuki APV Type II and a new Suzuki Swift 1.3 Manual at Giant Hypermart Tasik Rimba in their latest roadshow.

This afternoon, I went to the roadshow to take a look. Suzuki APV is not to my taste. So, I did not ask the salesman much about it. My interest is in the Suzuki Swift. It is a very nice car at their class. I can sit quite comfortably and my legroom is quite comfortable too.

My interest with the Suzuki Swift started when the Suzuki Swift was first advertised in Astro Ria in conjunctions with their sponsorship of Akademi Fantasia 3 reality tv program in 2005. However, my budget at that time and also my present budget does not allow me to have one.

Eventough my present budget does not allow me to have one, I do follow Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Swift Sport development. My plan is to buy either 1.3 or 1.5 model, with automatic transmission. I have not make any decision yet because it depends on the budget. If my budget allows, I want to have Suzuki Swift Sport . I like its sporty look and good starting acceleration, and NOT to race on the highway and showing off that I am having the fatest car. Just want to get what I like and NOT to fulfill other people opinions or comments such as “kereta sport saja tapi drive lambat” ("what for having a sport car if you can not drive fast").

According to a salesman I met at their showroom yesterday, they do not order the sport edition because people may not buy it due to its high monthly payment. If there is a customer want it, they have to make a special order.

In the roadshow, Suzuki Swift 1.3 Automatic costs about BND313 per months ( for 7 years hire purchase). If you want Suzuki Swift 1.3 Manual, it costs about BND282 per months ( for 7 years hire purchase). You have to ask the salesman there or at Boustead showroom for the latest pricing and promo (if any). The following photo shows the Suzuki Swift 1.3 Manual pricing and its optional body kit price.