Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yesterday morning (21st June 2008) I went to The Mall Gadong just to see what is the latest happening there. I drop by at QAF Auto Sendirian Berhad latest BMW Roadshow.

The roadshow started on 20th June and ended on 22th June 2008. The cars that were on display are BMW X3, BMW X5, and BMW 3 Series. BMW merchandise are also sold there at a discount price from the listed price (though it is not necessarily cheap enough for a person like me).

I do not ask anything to the salesperson there because surely I can not afford one. There is a lot of thing to think of if I want to buy one: the deposit money, the monthly payment, the routine service, maintenance costs, and repair costs.

I did ask one question to one of the salespersons there, “Can I take the magazine?”. They said, “Yes”. And I got one. The magazine (as shown on the photo below) is BMW Magazine Issue 3/2007.

(Photo: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 21st June 2008)

According to the magazine itself, BMW Magazine is published quarterly by BMW, Germany ; produced in Singapore by Mediacorp Publishing Private Limited; and printed in Singapore by KHL Company Private Limited.

I got a copy for free from the BMW Roadshow. I do not know how to get it quarterly and at what price. You have to ask the salesperson at BMW showroom for further details. I did get one or two issue some times ago (for free, also at QAF Auto Roadshow), and in addition to BMW full color brochures.

What I like BMW Magazine and brochures? Their magazine and brochures have nice photos, a lot of them. I like car photography myself. But I am still a beginner level and doing it just for fun – still do not take much car photos yet. The magazine is also included articles about travel and architecture