Tuesday, June 17, 2008

By Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir.

One purpose of photography, especially photojournalism or news photography or documentary photography, is to record an event that will become history. In relation to this, Reuters does a good job by presenting us the history in their latest book, OUR WORLD NOW (paperback).

OUR WORLD NOW is published by Thames and Hudson (First release on 20 May 2008), which is also the publisher of THE STATE OF THE WORLD (in 2006). The book has 352 pages with full of color photographs from Reuters photographer.

OUR WORLD NOW is about a year in the life of our world , that is, YEAR 2007 which is remembered in over 350 photos. The photos are selected from 500,000 photos that Reuters photographers a.k.a photojournalists produced (?) (taken) in 2007.

OUR WORLD NOW covers a range of news photography themes, that is: politics, commerce, conflict, the environment, accidents and disasters, faith and festivities, entertainment, celebrity, and lifestyle. This is similar to THE STATE OF THE WORLD book which covers about the range of themes, but in terms of time it covers from Year 2000 to Year 2005. OUR WORLD NOW, however, is about things that happened in Year 2007 only.

OUR WORLD NOW presents photographs that “encompass the fantastic diversity of trends, moods, and stories that defined 2007”.

OUR WORLD NOW is available at Amazon.Com. List price is USD24.95. Amazon price is USD16.47 (not including the delivery charge). Price may change from time to time. For further details, click the link below:


1. I include this book in my wishlist and I intend to buy one in the near future for my reference and collection.

2. I find out about this book from the News Photographer magazine June 2008 issue which I received this morning. (Too bad for me, I still have not receive my May issue which should arrive earlier. I still do not know what really happen to my magazines).