Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(Graphic: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir)

Apple is introducing the new iPhone 3G on 9th June 2008. One of the main upgrades is the 3G networking. According to Apple's press release the 3G networking is twice as fast as the first generation iPhone (which is with EDGE networking, the 2.5G). Apple iPhone 3G has HSDPA connection. But, I do not understand why Apple does not advertise the data access can reach 3.5mbps or 7.2mbps. In Brunei, both DSTCOM and B-Mobile do offer such service (3.5G). Are we going the buy a product that limit the capability up to 346kbps ("twice as fast" as the EDGE) only?

However, for my present use I find that Apple iPhone 3G has a visual and functionality attractions. If I buy one sometimes in the future, such attractions are my reason. Hopefully, Brunei Darussalam is included in the Apple iPhone 3G introduction, and no more worry to unlock the 'lock' and then worry Apple will do something to the "illegally" unlocked iPhone.

Preferably, Apple introduces the unlocked version and with no service provider tie-in. The reason is that I prefer to use prepaid services rather than the post-paid one.

Lastly, when introduced in Brunei Darussalam, the HSDPA in Apple iPhone 3G will do mean 3.5G which allow data access up to 3.5mbps or 7.2mbps NOT just 346kbps.

Note: Why there is no camera for video phone? At the time of this posting, Apple have not yet publish the full specs of iPhone 3G at their website (http://www.apple.com/).