Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Murtabak is one of my favourite food. Yesterday (29 September 208), I accompanied my wife to buy juadah persungkaian (food for breaking the fast) at Gerai Ramadan Stadium (Ramadan foodstalls at Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium’s parking area).

The following photos show the murtabak we bought:

We bought three murtabaks i.e two with beef fillings and one with chicken fillings

A closer look at the murtabaks

Each murtabak (which is smaller when compare to the one that is available at the restaurant) costs BND2.00 each OR BND5.00 for 3 murtabaks. There are two option of fillings i.e chicken or beef.

p/s: I usually eat murtabak with the curry gravy given when buying the murtabak, and with some chilli sauce. I prefer using Maggi, Kimbal, or Life brand chilli sauce.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 29 September 2008, using Sony Cybershot W130)

You can eat dates not only in the month of Ramadan but also during the other months. Due to that, eventough today (30 September 2008) is 29 Ramadan, I still buy a packet od dates for bersungkai (breaking the fast).

I only eat (my other members of family do not eat dates, except my father-in-law) a few dates when breaking the fast. The remaining dates will be consumed in the next few days in Syawal.

The dates that I bought today is Mozafati dates from Islamic Republic of Iran. I bought it at Jaya Hypermart, Gadong Centerpoint for BND3.50 per 650g packaging.

The dates is sold under the label of “Desert Dates” and Benelux brand. It is imported by Benelux Flowers and Food Private Limited (Address: 245, Pandan Loop, Singapore 128428).

The packaging

The brand: Benelux The importer and country of origin
Nutritional information
Mozafati dates
Top view of the packaging
Bottom view of the packaging
A recipe using Mozafati dates: Spiced Date Cookies

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 30 September 2008)

p/s: I do buy dates throughout the year. Once a month or a few months, I do drop by at a fruit shop in Kiulap to buy a few dollars worth of Medjul dates. I usually buy about about 5-6 dates which costs about BND2.00-BND2.50 (which is depended upon its weight and its current market price).

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1st Syawal 1429H in Brunei Darussalam will be on 2nd October 2008M, Thursday. This was announced by Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Brunei Darussalam through Radio Televisyen Brunei before the Isyak prayer tonight, due to the Syawal moon is not sighted. And, tomorrow is still the month of Ramadan i.e 30 Ramadan 1429H.

Muslims in Brunei Darussalam will perform Aidilfitri Sunnat prayer at all mosques and surau at 7.30am on 1st Syawal 1429H/2nd October 2008M, Thursday.

The following photo shows Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Orang Kaya Paduka Seri Utama Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Awang Haji Salim bin Haji Besar, Brunei Darussalam’s Syar’iah High Court Judge, is announcing that the Syawal moon is not sighted:

(Photo: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 30 September 2008, using Sony Cybershot W130)

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have a Sungkai buffet together with my family at Nyonya Restaurant (Serusop Branch) on 27th September 2008. The buffet (which include the dim sum) costs us BND12.80 per adult and BND7.80 per child (under 12 years old).

Nyonya Restaurant (Serusop Branch)
This is my drink: air bandung and cool water Sungkai buffet and dim sum: BND12.80 for adult and BND7.80 for child (under 12 years old)
My position
Japanese beancurd
A closer look at Japanese beancurd
Tom yam
Mixed vegetables
My spoon and fork The End: Popia and Dim Sum
p/s; This is my first time eating Sungkai buffet as I am not fond of eating buffet to break the fast. My stomach can easily get full when breaking the fast, at the first plate (according my standard size serving). But, when somebody treat me, it is difficult for me to say “no”. And, I felt it is ‘rugi’ (a loss) if I do not eat/try all the menu that have been served on the buffet table.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 27 September 2008, using Sony Cybershot W130 at ISO1600)

Istana Nurul Iman

According to the press and RTB news on 27th September 2008, YAM Pengiran Penggawa Laila Bentara Istiadat Diraja Dalam Istana, the Grand Chamberlain, announced that by the consent of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, the Istana Nurul Iman will be opened to the public for three days during Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1429 Hijrah celebration.

Istana Nurul Iman will be opened to the public for three days starting from the 2nd Syawal to 4th Syawal, from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm.

The following photos were taken on the 2nd Syawal 1428 i.e on the first day of Istana Nurul Iman was opened to the public in 2007:

The public are on the way to the palace by foot or by bus The Aidilfitri decorations
Before you have the audience with HM and the royal family, you hava a buffet meal. First, get your plate and spoon.
Nasi minyak
Hari Raya Aidilfitri greeting and the public are Q-up to have an audience with HM

Water fountain
(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 14 October 2007)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Handango introduces SPB Online, a software for Windows Mobile devices or smartphones from SPB Software House.

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SPB Online

SPB Online

SPB Software House products that are available at Handango:

Spb Mobile Shell 2.1

New Version! PPC 2007 Awards Winner as the Best User Interface/ Menu Improver

As usual, since a few years ago, I have the opportunity to take photos of the decorations at Bukit NBT in conjunction with the Aidilfitri.

NBT's Lexus Showroom
Another perspective of NBT's Lexus Showroom and the Aidilfitri decorations
Lexus LX570 and LS460: You have to earn about BND4K and above per month to get either one. Each costs about BND140K-BND150K.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Notice to public: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.
On the way to NBT's Toyota Showroom
Water fountain and Aidilfitri greeting
Someone who has the same purpose as mine
The cannons
My Suzuki Swift (*Still not able to join the SCB's activities. Hope to join their activities later).
I almost forget the RBC Express Fastfood Restaurants. They offer Sungkai set meal from 1st September 2008 until 30th September 2008. The set meal costs BN5.80 nett each.
(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 25 September 2008, at about 10.30pm to 11.00pm)