Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You can eat dates not only in the month of Ramadan but also during the other months. Due to that, eventough today (30 September 2008) is 29 Ramadan, I still buy a packet od dates for bersungkai (breaking the fast).

I only eat (my other members of family do not eat dates, except my father-in-law) a few dates when breaking the fast. The remaining dates will be consumed in the next few days in Syawal.

The dates that I bought today is Mozafati dates from Islamic Republic of Iran. I bought it at Jaya Hypermart, Gadong Centerpoint for BND3.50 per 650g packaging.

The dates is sold under the label of “Desert Dates” and Benelux brand. It is imported by Benelux Flowers and Food Private Limited (Address: 245, Pandan Loop, Singapore 128428).

The packaging

The brand: Benelux The importer and country of origin
Nutritional information
Mozafati dates
Top view of the packaging
Bottom view of the packaging
A recipe using Mozafati dates: Spiced Date Cookies

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 30 September 2008)

p/s: I do buy dates throughout the year. Once a month or a few months, I do drop by at a fruit shop in Kiulap to buy a few dollars worth of Medjul dates. I usually buy about about 5-6 dates which costs about BND2.00-BND2.50 (which is depended upon its weight and its current market price).

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