Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have been to Moscow, Russia from the 8 April 2001 to 18 April 2001, together with my wife and my brother-in-law. At that time, one adult return ticket to Moscow costed less than BND2000 when using the Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa. We had to transit at Singapore for about 6-8 hours and in Frankfurt, Germany for a few hours, either to Moscow or from Moscow.

We stayed for 10 days in Moscow at my father-in-law’s apartment. My father-in-law was the 3rd Sectretary at the Brunei Embassy (now retired). At that time, Brunei Embassy’s office was at Radisson Slavjanskaya Hotel where CNN’s office was also located. According to 15th Edition Borneo Bulletin Brunei Yearbook 2008, the embassy is still there.

In April 2001, it was the time for the ice to break up. So, I only had the opportunity to see little ice on the road and on the river. However, it was still very cold that I had to wear jacket and gloves.

In Moscow, I visited the famous places in Moscow such areas outside the Kremlin Wall, Red Square, GUM, Lenin’s Mousoleum, Blue Mosque,Old Arbat, New Arbat, Metropolitan Railways, and many more which included a number of museums and parks. I do not remember some of their names.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb is located outside the Kremlin Wall, near to the Museum of the Kremlin.

The Red Square Lenin's Mousoleum at the Red Square and just outside the Kremlin Wall.
Another photo of Lenin's Mousoleum. I had the opportunity to enter the mousoleum and see Lenin was still there. No photography is allowed inside the mousoleum.
Someone tries to sell a Russian doll. In the background is the GUM - State Department Store.
The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Mother of God ( St. Basil's Cathedral) at the Red Square.
A closer look at the cathedral

The GUM-State Department Store
A wide view of the Red Square: (Right) GUM, (Middle) the Cathedral, and (Left) Lenin's Mousoleum and the Kremlin Wall/Kremlin.
An open space near the GUM
Kremlin Wall and Moscow River

Inside the GUM One of the supermarket in Moscow
The Blue Mosque

P/s: Too bad, at that time, I had no DSLR or any digital compact camera. I only had the Canon APS film camera. Therefore, I cannot take take a lot of photos due to film, developing, and printing cost. I wish I can go Moscow again sometime in the future ( with a digital camera, of course).

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on April 2001)


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