Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This afternoon I went to Hua Ho Yayasan to buy something for my Suzuki Swift. I bought a Turtle Wax ICE™ Car Wash and Turtle Wax ICE™ Synthetic Polish. The car wash costs me BND11.04 (after 20% discount from BND13.80 usual price) per 1.89L bottle, while the car polish costs me BND7.52 (after 20% discount from BND9.40 usual price) per 118ML bottle packaging which included a sponge applicator and a microfiber cloth.

I bought these two Turtle Wax products because I want to give them a try. Previously, I used Armorall Car Wash and Kit Wax.


Front label

A closer look at the front label

Back label

According to Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash’s label, it will give “super clean, high gloss shine” and it “will not leave water spots”. At the back, the label says “ICE CAR WASH LEAVES A SPARKLING CLEAN SHINE: ICE Car Wash contains an innovative blend of surfactants and special paint conditioners that gently wash away dirt, road grime and dust for an incredible sparkling clean shine. Paint conditioners revitalize your paint and enhance the color while the pH balanced formula won’t strip existing wax and polish protection and shine”.

In addition, the back label also says “FINALLY, A CAR WASH THAT WON’T LEAVE SWIRL MARKS: ICE Car Wash is formulated with a special blend of lubricating agents that create a rich, lubricating foam that surrounds dirt and dust particles and rinses them away without creating scratches and swirl marks on your car’s surface. The result is super clean, mirror-like finish.”

But, what I am going to do with the existing scratches and swirls. I do not know much about car care and maintenance. That is one of the reason my previous car is ‘teruk berabis’ (in a very sorry state). When I look carefully at the label (and my reading at Turtle Wax ICE products website), the solution is to use the Turtle Wax ICE Liduid Clay Bar. It is to be applied before applying the wax or polish. The functions are “to remove minor scratches and swirls and give your car a smooth as glass finish.”. I will buy the clay bar sometimes in the future.

How I Am Going To Use the TURTLE WAX ICE CAR WASH?

According to the label at the back, the directions are like this: “Rinse off any loose dirt with cold water prior to use. Use 1 oz. of ICE Car Wash per gallon of water. Fill bucket with a strong stream of water. Using a sponge or wash mitt, wash one section of vehicle at a time starting at the top of the vehicle and work your way down. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel or chamois.”

Don’t forget the label also put a note: “Do not use if surface of vehicle is hot to touch. Always use a clean bucket and sponge”.


According to the label, Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Liquid Polish will give “brilliant, high gloss shine” with “no white residue on plastic surfaces and trim”. Then, the label says: “ICE Liquid Polish is based on a revolutionary new formula that will provide the most incredible high gloss shine you have seen on a car’s finish.Use ICE on all plastic and plastic and rubber trim. ICE will leaves a rich shine on rubber moldings, plastic trim, door handles and headlight & taillight lenses without leaving any white residue. ICE can even be applies in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Safe for all clearcoat and conventional paint finishes”.

This is good because my previous car wax do leave white residue in a few places of my car. A bit difficult to remove.

The packaging

The contents

The label
Turtle Wax ICE Polish, Sponge Applicator and Microfiber Cloth

From the Turtle Wax ICE website, I have found that the ICE Liquid Polish can last for 3 to 4 months under normal weathering conditions i.e about 12 to 16 wash if you wash your car once a week. Ordinary wax can last about 4-6 wash i.e 1 month if you wash your car once a week. It is, therefore, going to save my time and money (I hope).


According to the label, the directions are like this: “ Wash & dry vehicle. Shake well. Pour product onto sponge applicator. Spread a thin even coat over entire vehicle. Allow product to dry to a haze (about 3-5 minutes). Fold the microfiber cloth*, using one side to remove excess polish from the car’s finish. Turn cloth over and lightly buff to a high gloss shine”.

*My 4.8 years old daughter know more about this than her father, after observing her uncle waxing his car. She is even shows her father how to fold the cloth.

The label also put a note: “If streaking occurs, wipe with a damp cloth before removing with microfiber towel. If surface is oxidized, preclean with Turtle Wax Scratch & Swirl Remover. Do not use on glass.”


I have thinking buying Turtle Wax ICE products for two months i.e to buy or not to buy. At last, I buy at the right price (even though not at the “right time”) at Hua Ho Yayasan. I have to understand the directions of use and put it into practical.

Since I have a new car a few months ago, I felt how hard it is to take “good care” of my car, especially when my parking area is near to the dusty roads and some birds’ and lizards’ dropping always fall on my car. I am talking about taking care a car that cost me less than BND20K. How I am going to take care the car that costs BND30K,BND 40K, BND50K, and so on? (in terms of cleanliness and others)

p/s: I will begin using the Turtle Wax ICE products in a few days. May be I will write my testimonials about the products after a month of using them.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 24 September 2008)