Thursday, September 11, 2008

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation

On 9th September 2008, Tuesday, Apple introduced 2nd generation of iPod Touch. The followings are some of the Apple iPod Touch features:

  • Thin contoured metal design
  • 3.5 inches widescreen display
  • 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi wireless networking
  • Integrated volume control buttons
  • A built-in speaker for casual litsening
  • Multi-Touch user-interface
  • Smaller and lighter than the 1st generation iPod Touch
  • A lot of application (including games) available from App Store.
  • Works seamlessly with iTunes
  • A vast number of accessories made specifically for iPod and iPod Touch.
  • Price (at Online Apple Store, Singapore): 8GB- SGD388, 16GB- SGD498, and 32GB – SGD648.

The Apple iPod Touch’s press release said that Apple iPod Touch is “perfect for playing music, movies and games, with millions of songs, thousands of Hollywood movies, and hundreds of games available on the iTunes Store”.

As a guide to Brunei prospected buyer, the price of the 2nd generation iPod Touch at Online Apple Store (in Singapore)(Note: The prices are true at the time of surfing its website) are: SGD388 for 8GB Apple iPod Touch, SGD498 for 16GB configuration, and SGD648 for 32GB configuration. When it is sold by the authorised dealer in Brunei Darussalam, the iPod Taouch will cost a few tens dollars more.

My Comments
Apple iPod Touch has a very nice look (“an amazingly thin contoured metal design”, “rounded edges, flush display, and curved…design”) and feels (“more compact design”, “more comfortable to hold and more portable than ever”).

The Apple iPod Touch user can download a lot of applications from The App Store, which features “an incredible arry of applications in a wide variety of categories, including games, travel, entertainment, social networking, sports and much more”.

In addition, it is cheaper when compare to its previous generations.

(Note: According to the newsletter by one of the online store in Brunei, the price of the 1st generation iPod Touch are: BND498 for 8GB iPod Touch, BND698 for 16GB, and BND848 for 32GB).

But I find that iPod Touch still does not have the card expansion slot (preferably microSDHC/microSD or SD/SDHC memory card) and the Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR to communicate with other Ipod Touch and/or to connect to mobile phone which has the 3G/3.5G mobile internet service.

With respect to the Bluetooth connections to 3G/3.5G mobile phone, it is make me easier to surf the internet or download applications when there is no Wi-Fi connections.

And by buying Apple iPod Touch with the Bluetooth connection will give me the alternative of getting the iPhone, in which Apple iPhone is difficult to get in Brunei (through the authorised dealer), with no sufficient warranty and after sale service (the set through unauthorised dealer), it is more expensive than Windows Mobile Device, and no unlocked version.

In other words, I opt to get Apple iPod Touch with Bluetooth connection (if any) in addition to my 3G/3.5G mobile phone instead of getting Apple iPhone 3G alone.

If I Buy One: Apple iPod Touch vs Omnia Samsung i900.

If I buy one, according to my present needs and preferences, Apple iPod Touch 2nd generation is okay for me to listen to music and watch video on the go* (when connect to my Suzuki Swift’s Kenwood Entertainment System through the iPod interface – I hope I can install such system some time in the future), play with visual enticing games (while waiting for my turns at the hospital or banks), surfing the internet and checking my e-mail (at the Blink Zone “free internet” equipped restaurants), and also it is good to show what is latest photos I have taken to my friends and family.

*Watching video while driving is for the passengers only NOT for the driver.

I should not forget that Apple iPod Touch can acts as my PDA. I am not good at remembering things. So, Apple iPod Touch can fulfil my needs either through the built-in application in the Ipod Touch (such as the Calendar and the Contacts) or I can get related applications through The App Store.

Due to its limitation, I only buy the 8GB/16GB version which is sufficient for my present and my near future needs and preferences.

I may only buy Apple iPod Touch after I get my own Samsung Omnia i900 which is, according the specificitions, is the best PDA phone at present. But, I only buy Samsung Omnia i900 when its price is at the range of BND800-BND900 which is more than 6 months to go (Note: At present, the price of the Samsung Omnia i900 16GB in Brunei Darussalam is nearly BND1200).

My WishList: Samsung Omnia i900. In Brunei, the 16GB model costs nearly BND1200.

The Apple iPod Touch only costs me about BND418 (estimated price in Brunei) for 8GB model and about BND528 (estimated price in Brunei) for 16GB model.


I may buy Apple iPod Touch 8GB model when considering of my present needs, preferences, and budget. However, my budget is limited to BND500 only i.e. to buy the Ipod Touch 8GB itself, the casing, the screen protector, and a few applications from The App Store.

(Photos: Photo of Apple iPod Touch 2nd generation is a Courtesy of Apple through its press release website. Photo of Samsung Omnia i900 is a Courtesy of Samsung Mobile through its press release website. All right reserved by the respective owners)