Monday, December 15, 2008

13th December 2008, Saturday – This afternoon I went to McDonald Restaurant at Gadong, together with my wife and my son. While waiting for our turn to make an order, I had my eyes on an advertisement on the the noticeboard. The advertisement is about McDonald’s Beef Prosperity Burger, and it sounds like this: “Your favorite PROSPERITY Burger is back, THIS TIME IT’S EARLIER THAN EVER!”.

This is good…Usually I am able to eat Prosperity Burger a few weeks before the Chinese New Year. But, as usual, “Enjoy this all-time classic for a limited time only!”.

The Advertisement: I get a few copies of the advertisement. I like the photo. The subjects look very delicious and enticing.

Part of the advertisement: It will be great if you eat Beef Prosperity Burger together with Twister Fries. Both of them do complement each other.

Twister Fries.What the advertisment says about the fries?: “Fresh, crispy potatoes twirled to perfection to add a delightful twist to your meal”. I like a fresh and crispy potatoes fries, especially when added the herbs (curry, I guess). The ‘twister’ gives me a nice texture and taste when I bite them.A closer look at Beef Prosperity Burger. The wording says: “Indulge yourself with our appetizing, irresistible, classic flavour of juicy beef patty dipped with aromatic Prosperity black pepper sauce and layered with fresh onion slices. Satisfy your long awaited craving for the true taste of prosperity”. I am sure I will…I guess the advertisement do target for a person like myself.Just in case the Twister Fries is ‘out of stock’, the normal French fries will be okay. But Twister Fries is the best when eaten together with Beef Prosperity Burger.

p/s: I forgot to ask the cashier when the Prosperity Burger and Twister Fries will be start available. I expect it will be available by the end of December 2008 i.e when the government employees get their annual bonus payment.

I eat the Beef Prosperity Burger added with 2-3 small packs of chilli sauce given together with the burger. Other chilli sauce does not give the ‘ommph’. Better get more packets of the chilli to be added to the Twister Fries. Then, I will get a very nice ‘prosperity’ meal. To complement the burger and the fries, I eat them with iced Coca-Cola or Pepsi drink.

I always drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi if I eat pizza, burger, nasi baryani, steak, and bbq food. Coca-Cola or Pepsi makes me really feel the taste of the food and the Coca-Cola or Pepsi itself. And the Coca-Cola or Pepsi makes me feel ‘high’. Another option is the Coffee Bean and the Tea Leaf Restaurant’s Iced Blended coffee or chocolate or both (with the whipped cream, of course). The restaurant is very near to the McDonald Restaurant.

By the ways, due to the fact that I am already about 20 kilograms overweight, I need to control my desire to eat any red meat. Two or three Prosperity Burger should be okay for me, provided that I eat each of them a few days to a week apart.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 13th December 2008)