Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today AF6 7th concert is held, for the first time, at the prestigious Istana Budaya. This is the very best concert so far for this AF6 (and may be since the debut of Akademi Fantasia). This may due to a very good music arrangement and show direction as well as commitment of the students to perform better. I do agree what Ramli M.S had said sometimes ago that an excellent sound system and musician in addition to good performance among the artist will make a very good concert to experience with. I also agree with Adlin Aman Ramli that a good concert direction will give a very concert too.

I expect Riz, Nadia, and Stacy will be the champion. Riz has the chrisma (according to the critics) and nice voice and look. He does attract vote among female voters. Stacy does have nice voice too. She is likely to attract vote among Sabahans in addition to vote from those who like her performance. Lastly, Nadia is my favorite student. I like her voice but not the person herself. I feel she will be the AF6 champion. However, she does not have the personality that I can be proud of other than her voice and her tagline “REDAH JER”. She have x-factor in term of her voice but not the ‘aura’ in her personality.

p/s: Alif is out in this concert. Latest AFUNDI at the time of writing is NADIA is on the top of the vote. She is very near to be a champion.

Written on 3rdMay 2008, about 10.00 pm to midnight.