Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10th June 2009, Wednesday -- I am a fan of Reuter’s photojournalistic photos. I have “Reuters: The State of the World book in my collection, which I bought a few years ago. The book showcases images taken by Reuters’s photojournalists in the first 5 years of the 21st century. I get some of the inspiration of taking events photos from their photos. Eventough I am their fan, I may not necessarily like all of their photos. (My related article on “Reuters: The State of The World” is HERE).

You can get “Reuters: The State of the World” from

Reuters: Our World Now

I get my copy of June 2009 issue of Digital Camera Magazine (Malaysia Edition)(DCM) this afternoon from my favourite bookshop at Lambak. Something that do attract me in “Photography books” section (in page 128) is “Reuters: Our World Now” book. I have written about its first edition in my blog HERE. I have not bought the yet. Hopefully I will be able to buy it soon.

DCM features the 2nd book of “Reuters: Our World Now”. Our World Now 2 showcases more than 350 images of events that took place in 2008. The images cover the full range of news reporting – politics, commerce, conflict, the environment, and a lot more.

Our World Now 2 is published by Thames & Hudson this year, in 352 pages. This book is available at Just click the following banner for further details:

Reuters: Sports in the 21st Century

I am also interested to have this:

Another Reuters’ book that is featured in DCM is “Reuters: Sport in the 21st Century”. In page 28 to 32 in DCM, there are some of the photos shown that available in the books. I like the way Reuters’s photojournalists capture the sports events i.e the ways they took photos of the sports themselves, the related ceremony, the supporters, the officials, and others.

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