Sunday, March 22, 2009

22nd March 2009, Sunday – This morning I joined Brunei Forever Forum (BFF) members went a “Kenali Negara Kitani” (Know Our Own Country) outing , in the form of a boat trip at Kampung Ayer and upstream through the Brunei River. We went as far as the Bengkurong Bridge.

We departed from a jetty near Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Centre at about 7.15 am . We went going upstream through the Brunei River passing the Kampung Ayer itself, Istana Nurul Iman, Jong Batu, Puni Quarry, Makam Luba, and reached near the Bengkurong Bridge.

We have the opportunity to take photos of two species of birds and a specious of monkey. The photos of the monkeys were taken near the Bengkurong Bridge. And, here we met a group of tourists taking photos of the monkeys. The only animal that was expected to appear but not appear was the crocodile.

Then, we went back downstream the Brunei River passing Kampung Sungai Kebun to Kampung Bolkiah to take photos of Pulau Lumut Lunting.

According to my GPS, the total distance of our journey was about 28 kilometres and the trip took about 2.5 hours.

Group photos: BFF Members who joined today outing, taken by AirBiscuit.
Another groups photo.
Some photos that I took:

(Photos: Abdul Rashid bin Haji Tahir and AirBiscuit of BFF. Taken on 22nd March 2009)