Friday, April 18, 2008

This evening I went to AV Electronics showroom (Apple Premium Reseller) (website: to have a look (and touch) at Apple MacBook Air. Too bad, according to one of the saleperson, it was stolen. However, by looking at the price list (about BND3091), it is unlikely I am going to buy it. Unless, of course, I have a lot of extra money and/or I am a mobile worker and/or I always going abroad.

At present, Apple MacBook 2.4 Ghz White should be sufficient for me. I intend to use it for doing my work on MS Word, MS Powerpoint presentation, basic photo editing using Aperture, and internet (web surfing, podcast downloading, and email).

In addition to Apple MacBook, I have my interest on iPod Touch. iPod Touch costs BND514 for 8GB flash drive capacity, BND 720 for 16GB, and BND 874 for 32GB. iPod Touch with 32GB FD capacity is the latest addition to the iPod Touch line.iPod Touch can play music and video for up to 22 hours and 5 hours respectively.

The good things about iPod Touch (equivalent to iPhone without the phone) is its wireless connection wifi 802.11b/g. However, Apple (website: can only convince me to buy one if only there is Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR connection as well as having necessary software to make iPod Touch works well with the mobile phone (3G or 3.5G phone) – just like what PDAs usually have. And if only, Apple adds CF or SD slot for more memory capacity. CF and SD/SDHC is getting cheaper now and with more memory capacity. No microSD or equivalent, please. Their memory capacity is limited (at present) and it is too small to handle.