Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today I get my copy of Digital Camera Magazine April 2008 issue (Malaysia Edition) for BND8.50 from a bookshop in Lambak. The things that attract me are:

(1) Nikon D60 DSLR Reviews (though it is unlikey I get one, as I am aiming for semi-pro or pro model of Canon or Nikon range),

(2) an article on photo library (where you can sell your photos on-line),

(3) news on Canon Malaysia opened its first Canon EOS Pro Centre at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur (Address: Canon EOS Pro Digital Imaging Center, Lot 09-47, West Wing, Level 9, Berjaya Times Square, 55100 KUALA LUMPUR. Tel: 03-2143-9148),

(4) this month cover topic is about street photography (though I do not like the idea of taking people photo on the street, except during events such as car show, HM Birthday, National Day, etc), and

(5) lesson on HDR (high dynamic range) and mastery of Adobe Photoshop on potraits (though I do not do much Photoshop or equivalent software other than doing adjustments of curve, levels, sharpness, colour balance, contrast, and noise reduction as well as cropping. The adjustments that I do are what most competitions’ rules and regulations always say. However, I am looking toward trying the HDR technique from taking the multiple pictures and process them using Adobe Photoshop or the alternative).