Saturday, February 28, 2009

23rd February 2009, Monday – Today Brunei Darussalam celebrates its Silver Jubilee National Day. The mass gathering was held at Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, Berakas this morning.

I can not join other photographers taking photos of the event as I am not feeling well since last Friday night.

And, my intention to personally view the ‘world new record for the most satay grilled in a single occasion’ at Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club was also cancelled. The event started at 1.30 pm today and it was held in conjunction with the Silver Jubilee National Day celebration by The Office of His Majesty The Sultan And Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. Of course, I also want to taste and eat the satay.

May be I still have the opportunity to take some nice photos of the cucul (decorative lighting), the banners, and the arches.

Eventough I can not come to the stadium this morning, my wife, my daughter and my son as well as their grandpa did come. The weather is hot. My son’s and daughter’s faces look red due to that.

The following are some snapshots taken this morning, either by myself, my wife or my daughter:

(Photos: Abdul Rashid bin Haji Tahir, his wife, and his daughter. Taken on 23rd February 2009, using the Canon EOS 350D and Sony Cybershot DSC-w130)