Sunday, February 15, 2009

15th February 2009, Sunday – This morning I joined a photography outing with Brunei Forever Forum (BFF)’s members. Today, the outing was held at Kampong Ayer. We assembled at Kianggeh Food Court before 6.30 am. The outing began at about 7 am and last just before 10 am.

After the outing, I joined the others having a brunch at Chop Jing Chew (JC), Gadong.

Nikon D300 with Carl Zeiss lens that is owned by one of the member.

In order to cross the river you have to use a water taxi.

Going to the destination.
One of my first few photos.
The water pipeline.
Tailoring service is available at Kampong Ayer.
A water taxi.
A window-type airconditioner.
Eventough this photos look blurred, I like this photo.
Electrical pole No. 69.
A view from a bridge at Kampung Sungai Kebun.
Sungai Kebun Fire and Rescue Services Station.
Nasi katok and ice block are available here.
The ladder. It is a 90 degrees ladder.
Watch your steps.
I have been to Kampung Setia A.
The end of our journey at Kampong Ayer.
Leaving far the jetty and going to a jetty at the Kianggeh Food Court.
Roti cucur.
After the outing, I join the others having a brunch at JC. I ate roti kuning (please click HERE for my previous post about roti kuning) and roti cucur (fried yellow bread coated with egg), in addition to iced Milo drink.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid bin Haji Tahir. Taken on 15th February 2009)