Sunday, November 16, 2008

I get my copy of News Photographer magazine Issue October 2008 in the first week of November 2008 through the mail directly from the USA. I think this is my last issue. May be I will renew my subscription in January 2009.

News Photographer magazine is an official publication of the National Press Photographers Association, Inc. (NPPA) (Website: The goal of the magazine is “the education of photojournalist and the public about photojournalism by reaching as wide audience as possible.” And the magazine is only available from the NPPA.

Photo of my copy of News Photographer October 2008


Photo shows the cover story of News Photographer October 2008

The cover story is “You are ALL under arrest”, which touches the topic about or issues on the right of photojournalists taking photos of riots during the Republican National Convention that was held in St.Paul, MN in summer this year.

It is also about the needs to define who is the ‘journalist’ or ‘photojournalist’, which then bring the issue that if independent bloggers or videomakers are to be included in the categories of ‘journalist’ i.e a question about what category of people who have the right to gather news as guaranteed by the First Amenment (in the USA’s Constitution).

During the riots, the rioters and the PHOTOJOURNALISTS were arrested and this issue is highlighted by the magazine.

I am interested when Donald Winslow touches on the change in journalism, which I believe also apply to my current profession i.e education. He quoted what Charles Darwin have said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

I believe that in order the SPN21 (Brunei’s 21st Century National Education System that will be implemented from 2009) to be sucessful, the teachers (including myself) must be able to adapt to the changes in the education senario, in which teachers’ commitment is greatly required. Otherwise, the ends of the SPN21 cannot be achieved.

Seth Gitner, in Multimedia Moments section, touches on the need of photojournalist must also be able to take an usable video for the online news (in addition to take still photos), and on the introduction of video capable DSLR such as Nikon D90 and Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

In term of the tools of trade, I expect Nikon will introduce HD video capable DSLR when they replace the D300, D3 and D700 while Canon will introduce the video capability when they replace their 1D, 50D, and 450D; the latest is by the end of next year (2009). This is in line to the need that has been touched by Seth Gitner.

I think the next selling point is HD video capability in DSLR because the megapixels war should be over by now. In addition, the DSLR manufacturer should concentrate more on the quality of images at high ISO, better live view, better image stabilisation, better dust control, weather shield camera, and dual card slot (for semi-pro and pro camera) i.e one for RAW/jpg and the other for HD video OR one for RAW and the other for jpg.

Regarding the LCD display, I hope Canon and Nikon will do something so that it can be swivelled and tilted. This will make the user easier to take video/photos at high and low angle.
I also looking forward high end compact point-and-shoot camera equipped with APS-C or full-frame sensor with minimum DVD or 720p HD quality video capability.

In the end, then, I do not know what will happen to the video camera (especially the consumer one, and when the compact point-and-shoot or compact DSLR have equivalent or better image quality when compare to dedicated video camera).

Honestly speaking I like to take video using the DSLR video because I feel DSLR such as Nikon D90 (with battery grip, of course) is more comfortable on my hand when compare to the consumer video camera (which is too small for my hand. Unless, of course, if I want to use the small video camera to take video very discreetly).


John G. Morris does a feature on the 20th anniversary of Visa pour l’Image that was held in Perpignan, French in September 2008. At that time, Perpignan become the capital of photojournalism of the world for one week.

Visa pour l’Image is a festival of photography which concentrate on photojournalism, where big name in photojournalism is brought in.


I wish to congratulate Barack Obama for winning the USA Election 2008, and this make him the next President of United States of America from 2009 to 2013. I hope he will bring something better for the world, such as in terms of economy, security, financial, environment, etc.

During the Barack Obama’s presidential administration, I sincerely hope that USA will continously fight the terrorist and NOT the USA themselves become the terrorists, such as killing innocent life and brings chaos to the world (just like what happen in Iraq and Afganistan).

And I expect and hope the USA will continously become the most powerful (responsible) democratic nation in the world…A country called Palestine, please.

p/s: This article is written based on my understanding on the issues or topics and my reading on the magazine, and from somewhere else (including my experiences and the media).

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 7 November 2008)