Sunday, November 16, 2008

The latest version of Nissan Murano 2009 is launched at Boustead showrom in Beribi on 7th November 2008, Friday. The new Nissan Murano costs about BND60,000 (on the road).

The Murano has a 3.498 litres DOHC 24-valve 6 cylinder engine, a VQ engine (Code: VQ35DE) . According to the brochure by Boustead Brunei, the VQ engine series are on the list of Ward’s 10 Best Engine every year since 1995 until 2008 i.e for 14 consecutive years.

The engine is run by petrol. A full fuel tank capacity is 82 litres. Therefore, you must ready to spend about BND43.46 (82 x BND0.53) from EMPTY to FULL or about BND20.00 from HALF-FULL to FULL. A lot amount of money for my current standard in terms of fuel spending. However, the brochure do not mention the fuel consumption. However, due to it has 6 speed transmission, it should be more fuel economy when compare to the one that has 4-speed of the same engine capacity.

The new Murano has 6-speed X-tronic Continously Variable Transmission (CVT), with Manual mode. I guess the 6-speed transmission will contribute to fuel-saving when compare to the 4-speed. But, if I have one, I do not know when I should use the manual mode.

It has 18x7.5J alloy wheels with 235/65R18 tyres. Quite big tyres and wheels.

According to the brochure, there are 7 colours are available: grayish bronze, dark blue, blade silver, white pearl, brilliant silver, super black, and bordeaux red. I like super black, but I may choose white or dark blue. There is only one type of seat material i.e black leather.

One of the features of the new Nissan Murano is that it has a BOSE sound system which included that CD player that can play mp3 and wma audio format and 11 speakers. Too bad, for a BND60k car, there is no DVD player and TV tuner. I prefer if GPS Navigation System is installed.

The new Murano is equipped with ALL MODE 4x4-I, VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) which include the TCS (Traction Control System) and brake LSD (Limited Slip Differential) functions, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System, BA (Brake Assist), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), as well as front, side, and curtain SRS airbags for performance and/or safety.

Will I buy one?
I am not so sure. I am not much like a big SUV (for now), because it will cost more in terms of fuel consumption, engine oil, tyre, as well as to wash and wax (which need me more time and energy). And, I still have the phobia of driving high gravity car such as the SUV since I have an accident driving a Suzuki Jimny since nearly a decade ago.

My present preference is sport and hatchback car. Not all sport car. I like the Suzuki Swift Sport, Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Mini Cooper S, and Lexus IS/GS series.

I have driven a few SUVs before, such as two version of Pajero i.e the my father’s 1990+ low specs 2.5l petrol engine and my father-in-law’s high specs intercooler turbo diesel engine ( a few times), and also my wife’s cousin’s Lexus RX300 (once). The one that I like most, in terms of ride and handling, is the Lexus RX300.

If I have the opportunity to have one i.e if I have BND80K, I may choose Lexus RX300 OR Volkswagen Toureg over the new Nissan Murano. But if I only have only BND60k to spend, I may choose Toyota Fortuner due to its diesel engine. Diesel engine car consumes less amount of fuel when compare with the petrol one at the same engine capacity. And, in Brunei Darussalam, diesel fuel costs 20 cents less per litre than that the RON97 petrol fuel.

However, you need to test drive the vehicle first to see whether you like the ride or not. And you have to decide what the SUV will be used for. So far, I only have an experience of driving the latest Lexus RX300. Not sufficient information to make decision.

Because the new Nissan Murano does not have the diesel engine version, I MAY go for Toyota Fortuner (if I have BND60k to spend) or Volkswagen Toureg (if I have BND80k plus to spend). OR, if I really want the Nissan Murano, I need to wait its diesel version.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 7th November 2008)

The review is based on my current opinion, taste, needs, wants, and preferences, which may change from time to time. There is something you like, but you cannot get it. And, I think by taking photos of something that I like should be enough.