Friday, August 29, 2008

The BIBD At-Tamwil Berhad Transit Shed

BIBD At-Tamwil Berhad held My Real Savings Account (MRSA) Expo 2008 from 28th August to 31st August 2008 at The Mall Gadong (Ground Floor, 1st Floor, & 2nd Floor) and at BIBD At-Tamwil Transit Shed in Light Industrial Area, Beribi, Gadong.

I attended both venue on the 28th August 2008, but I only took photos at BIBD At-Tamwil Transit Shed.

ATVs are available at New Motors Sdn Bhd booth

PGO Bugrider is also available at New Motors booth Yamaha Waverunner Jetski: It will cost you BND15,980 if you want to have one. I will have one if I have a house on the bank of Brunei river or on a beach (not very likely).
Another model of Yamaha Waverunner jetski (in red colour)

Yamaha Waveruuner banner

A green Mini Cooper: Front view

Self-potrait : My reflection on the Mini Cooper

Side view of a green Mini Cooper

Back view of a Mini Cooper with scissor-type doors

Front side view of a red Mini Cooper
(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 28th August 2008)

p/s: ATV, jetski and Mini are my favourite stuffs (though it is unlikely that I am going to get one).