Friday, July 11, 2008

This afternoon I get my copy of Digital Camera Magazine(DCM) Issue 31, July 2008 from Mosari Trading and Distributors Sdn.Bhd. (Address: Unit No.17, Kompleks Haji Awang Ibrahim, Lambak Kanan), through my subscription at the bookshop, for BND8.50 (At this price, it is a great value of money when compare to the photography magazines from the USA and the UK).

The cover topic in this issue is about travel photography. The magazine does give me some ideas what to take and how to take travel photos. I like travel photography and I hope, some day, I can go to the places of interest under my wishlist and apply some of the relevant tips from the articles and from my other readings as well as my experiences.

There are a number of subjects you can take during your travel, such as people, buildings, lanscapes, and places of interest. In addition, you can take photos of foods and drinks you consume during your travel,the restaurant where you eat, the hotel and the hotel room where you stay, the signpost, the brands you like, the advertisement about your favourites items or that attract you, the phone booth, and the transportation that you see and/or use such as the LRT and the plane.

The subjects, when put together, will make a nice travel photo essay. But before I go far from home, I will try to take travel photos that include the subjects I have mentioned above in my next photography outings during the coming His Majesty’s 62th Anniversary Birthday Celebration throughout July 2008.

I think travel photography does apply to local setting too. I believe this is relevant to the ‘Kenali Negara Kitani’ move; to know more about our country, Brunei Darussalam, first. So, I hope to cover Bandar Seri Begawan (and other parts of Brunei Darussalam) in the context of the birthday celebration.

In addition to travel photography, in the reader showcase section “Your Mission” this month is about “Car”. I still finding some time to do car photography for my car. I want to do close up car photography. But, before taking the photos, I need to clean and wax my car first and wait for the right time and look for the right place. So, this is about a morning to evening jobs. I cannot do the cleaning today and do the photography the day after as my car will collect the dust from the untarred road.

Back to travel photography, in this month issue of DCM, Rod Lawton does the review of the latest Panasonic DMC-TZ4 (it is available in Brunei). It is a good camera for travel especially due to its 10X optical zoom range from 28mm to 280mm despite of its slight noise issue. However, I prefer to buy TZ5/TZ15 due to its more features and pixels count than TZ4 (TZ5/T15 is in my wishlist, for everyday and everywhere camera).

In my next post: Monocle July/August 2008.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 10 July 2008)

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