Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28th October 2009, Wednesday - This afternoon, I went to a bazaar that is held at University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) in conjunction with its Convocation Festival 2009 ("Pesta Konvo"). My "mission" is to get a taste of Ahad's Burger. Ahad's Burger has been introduced to me through a photography forum i.e by its members.

I bought 2 variaties of the burgers: beef with cheese and egg & chicken. The beef burger with cheese and egg costs BND2.50 each. The chicken burger costs BND1.50 each.

My first intention to go UBD this afternoon was to attend a public seminar that was held at the Senate Room, Chancellor Hall (in addition to have a taste of Ahad's Burger, of course). So, I ate my burgers at my car. I ate them with a can of Pepsi-Cola. Coca-Coca or Pepsi-Cola and burger do come together in terms of taste.

However, due to certain reasons, I have to cancel my intention to come to the seminar. At least, I get my burgers.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid bin Haji Tahir. Taken on 28th October 2009, Wednesday)

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