Sunday, May 17, 2009

16th May 2009, Saturday – I bought my new laptop at the end of April 2009 and paid it through the bank loan. However, the laptop was delivered to me about one week after I signed the bank loan agreement and then informed the Concept Commercial Suppliers (where I bought my laptop) about it for delivery.

I bought Acer Aspire 4937-842g32 with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The listed price of the laptop is BND1368 (with “free gifts”). I had the option to omit the gifts and they gave me nearly a hundred dollars of discount. Then, I added another 2GB of RAM and this made the price to BND1376.

Why I Bought A New Laptop?

1. My desktop is at its maximum capacity. Its hard disk is always full, mostly due to the RAW images from my Canon EOS 350D DSLR. I have made the efforts to give some space in the hard disk by transferring some images to DVD-ROM. But, it still always full. When it is about to full, the system become slow. Recently, I bought a Transcend Storejet 320GB. And this make may life a bit easily. No need to burn the images to DVD.

2. However, I need a laptop to present my lesson to the pupils wherever it needed. A presentation is more effective when it is aided with sound, photos, and video as well as graphics. And it is more better when it is interactive.

3. I want to watch a smooth HD video that I get from the iTunes.

4. I want to do my work (mostly planning and preparation work) at my “office” or somewhere else when time & condition allowed.

5. I want to surf internet while having a meal at the restaurants.

6. I want to post my blog anytime and anywhere.

7. I want to have an alternative computer. When I have another computer, I can try a new software either one of my computer. There will be a backup computer if any of them is crash. The last time I try to install Adobe Lightroom is about a year ago. At that time, after I installed the program, my computer crashed and I had to send it to the dealer for servicing. And, this made my life a bit difficult for about a week. Then, I have to think very hard before install a new program in my desktop.

8. I need a computer with Bluetooth connection to sync my contacts and calender, as well as to install software that I get from the Internet to my Nokia E63.

9. I need a computer that has more RAM so that I can open more program at the same time.

10. A lot more reasons why I bought a new laptop.

B-Mobile PostPaid Zoom! Broadband

I am thinking to upgrade my existing prepaid B-Mobile to Zoom Lite PostPaid Zoom! Broadband. This is because of the megabytes-per-dollars comparison. A prepaid plan gives me 20MB per BND1 while the BN30 per month Zoom Lite postpaid plan gives me about 66MB per BND1.

Zoom Lite BND30 plan will give me free 2GB of data traffic, free 300 SMS (to B-Mobile only), free 450 minutes of outgoing voice calls (to B-Mobile and Telbru landline only), and free 30 minutes of video (to B-Mobile only).

However, I am more interested with its internat data services. I still maintain my prepaid number with DSTCOM for voice and SMS as well as small amount of internet data.

In Zoom Lite plan, data usage after 2GB will be charged BND0.20 per MB up to maximum of BNd40. So, I will only have to pay a maximum of BND70.00 per month (if I use the phone number for internet only). I try my best not to exceed data usage per each month cycle beyond 2GB.

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 16th May 2009)