Saturday, May 14, 2011

13th May 2011, Friday—You have an Apple iPad 2 tablet and you want a case to protect your expensive toy. Something that you are looking for i.e Otterbox Defender Series for Apple iPad 2 is available for order starting from today. I have checked every hour in order to be the first know about its availability.

The Otterbox Defender Series gives some rugged protection to your iPad i.e its provides protection against bump, shock, drop and dust intrustion. However, it is NOT protective against water. If you want a case that protect your iPad 2 against water, you can check a case from LIFEPROOF (not available yet).

The Otterbox Defender Series for Apple iPad 2 costs USD89.95. Delivery to Brunei Darussalam is through Fedex from Otterbox Distribution Center, Colorado USA. The shipping charge is USD21.49. Therefore, you have to pay USD114.44 to have the required rugged protection for iPad 2. From my previous experience, per unit cost will be less if you order more than one unit or item. Better have a number of friends to make a group order.

For futher details about Otterbox Defender Series for iPad 2, you can visit Otterbox website. 

Some Press Release photos from Otterbox
Otterbox Defender Series case for Apple iPad 2

(Photos: Courtesy of Otterbox USA)