Saturday, July 18, 2009

15th July 2009, Wednesday – One of my favourite drink is Coffee Bean’s Iced Blended chocolate/coffee/mocha. So far, I have dropped by and drink the iced blended at their branch in KK, Singapore and KL, in addition to Brunei’s branch (but… I have not gone to the one at the Shell’s office). I think Coffee Bean is a must-go-place to have a refreshment while I was going oversea.

Rather than I drink a ready-made drink at their restaurant…I try my best to make it myself using Coffee Bean's chocolate powder. The chocolate powder is sold in a container. You can buy the powder at their restaurant at Maya Puri and CenterPoint. While I was in Singapore a few years back, I did buy the powder…but they packed it in one serving packaging.

What You Need To Do

How? I get the recipe from the container…but I convert the metric approximation.

  • Fill a 350ml cup with ice to the top of the cup
  • Add 85ml of nonfat milk
  • Add 85ml Coffee Beans 100% pure Coffee Extract, regular or decaffeinated drink (recommended by the recipe…but I use Nescafe Arabica)
  • Pour all the ingredients of the cup into a blender
  • Add approximately 1/3 cup (about 115ml) of Coffee Bean’s Special Dutch Chocolate drink powder mix to the blender pitcher
  • Blend until smooth
  • Top off with whipped cream.


This is my first attempt. I found that my attempt is not successful. It need more ice cube…it is not cool enough that the drink does not qualified to be called “ice-blended”.

Actually, I did not follow the recipe that is available on the chocolate powder container i.e I only make estimation. Try to adjust the amount of ice cube and the chocolate powder in my next attempt. And in my first attempt I am doing ice-blended chocolate. I have not making the ice-blended mocha (mocha = coffee + chocolate). May be I will making the mocha during the Israk Mikraj holiday.

Lastly, I need more practice in putting the whip cream on top of the ice-blended chocolate… It does not look nice enough.

Updated 20th July 2009, Monday

Yesterday (19th July 2009, Sunday), I made ice-blended chocolate again. But this time I put more ice cube. Now, I have a better ice-blended chocolate...And I can called it "ice-blended chocolate". But, the ice is not as smooth as the one that I get from the Coffee Bean....May be it is due to "my blender" or it is due to "the way I blend the ice and the chocolate mix" (?).

(Photos: Abdul Rashid Haji Tahir. Taken on 15th July 2009, Wednesday)

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