Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today, I get the 12th issue of Monocle magazine, which I have subscribed at Best Eastern The Mall Gadong. The magazine costs me BND19.90 ( a quite expensive according to my budget). I have subscribed Monocle since its 1st issue.

The interesting point about the Monocle magazine is that it is "a briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design" (the magazine tagline). It has very nice photos to look at (as I do like photojournalistic type of photography).

The most intresting topics (to me) in this issue of Monocle are a report on Kosovo and a report on the role of state broadcasting in transmitting a country's 'brand'. There is a monthly insert magazine of a Japanese anime, Kitakoga. The insert ilself has an advertorial anime of a Japanese brand, Toto, a popular brand of toilet items. A very nice advertisement.

You can visit Monocle website at for extras and the magazine's back issues. Something new that is available at the website is that you can subscribe or download free Monocle video podcast. Do check Monocle website for more details.
Next issue (13th issue) will be available on sale from April 17th, 2008.